zondag 28 oktober 2012


Generaly, I'm not the person to answer questions. I ask. With all my heart, with all my soul. I'm so intrugiated with all the answers from different people. I want to know what they're feeling, they're thinking. My own memories, feelings and thought are alien to me. Are they real? This is what I'm thinking, or not?
Thinking other peoples thoughts. Thinking different thoughts. I'm the person asking. I will never stop asking, because it's mandatory for me to keep looking to this world differently each day. Each moment. Each second. I want to know and ask as much as I can. Not only to understand my own situation, but especially the other ones. How can people live in the desert? How can people live of less than 1$ a day? Do people feel guilt when they feel they're earning too much. Is guilt treated as a disease in the Hollywood culture? Are we just buying more things to make that guilt go away?

I'd love to know more. Tell me stories. Tell me your life. Tell me your feelings, sorrows and thoughts. I'll soak it all up. Every last bit.